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Note: Order of lecture topics may change.

Date Lesson Reading Cloud Live! Lecture Video HW Quiz
Fri, Oct 26 Web Scraping
Thu, Oct 25 Week 9: SQL
Wed, Oct 24 Web APIs
Mon, Oct 22 Advanced SQL
Fri, Oct 19 Unstructured Data
Thu, Oct 18 Week 8: Grammar of Data
Wed, Oct 17 SQL in Practice
Mon, Oct 15 Lecture Cancelled
Fri, Oct 12 Relational Data and Merging Data
Thu, Oct 11 Week 7: Graphics
Wed, Oct 10 Grammar of Data
Mon, Oct 8 Data Vis and Interactive Graphics
Fri, Oct 5 Tidy Data
Thu, Oct 4 Week 6: Hypothesis Testing
Wed, Oct 3 Continued: Exploratory Data Analysis
Mon, Oct 1 Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Fri, Sep 28 Bootstrap
Thu, Sep 27 Week 5: Randomness
Wed, Sep 26 Loop-the-Loops
Mon, Sep 24 Hypothesis Testing
Fri, Sep 21 Continued: Randomness
Thu, Sep 20 Week 4: Derived Variables
Wed, Sep 19 Randomness
Mon, Sep 17 Linear Regression
Fri, Sep 14 Data Oddities
Thu, Sep 13 Week 3: Transforming Data
Wed, Sep 7 Derived Variables
Mon, Sep 10 Continued: Transforming Data
Fri, Sep 7 Transforming Data
Thu, Sep 6 Week 2: Welcome to the Jungle
Wed, Sep 5 Working with Data
PART 2: Navigating Data
Mon, Sep 3 Git and GitHub (Online Lecture for Labor Day)
Fri, Aug 31 Literate Programming
Thu, Aug 30 Week 1: Syllabus Quiz
Wed, Aug 29 Tools for Analysis
Mon, Aug 27 Course Introduction
PART 1: Tools for Reproducibility

Important Academic Dates for Fall 2018

  • September 10th - last day to add the course without instructor approval.
  • October 19th - last day to drop the course without a W.

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  • Reading: Selected passages in textbooks, posts, or code.
  • Cloud: Pre-defined RStudio Cloud project with lecture code for instant exploration.
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  • Live: Live code from the instructor’s podium.
    • Make sure to “Refresh” (MacOS: Command + R, Windows/Linux: F5) the page to receive the latest code.
  • Lecture: Slides used in lecture.
  • Videos: Online videos that accompany lecture topics.
  • HW: Homework assignment details.
  • Quiz: Weekly quiz study guides.