Discussion Forum Policy

The discussion forum can be found here:


This forum is an invite-only area. Only students are enrolled in the course have access to post and read responses.

Discourse Guidelines

While writing on the discussion forum, please:

  • Be kind to others.
    • Avoid using explicit, aggressive, or sarcastic language
  • Provide a concise issue title that provides a clear indication of the contents of the post.
    • Phrase titles as “ggplot2 x-axis labeling incorrect” or “receiving an NA value as the final computation”
    • Avoid “ggplot2 error” or “what’s going wrong here?”
  • Format the body of the post so that the issue is shown at a glance.
    • Use reprex to create a reproducible example of the behavior you are running into.
  • Questions regarding code issues on homework must have contain modified code that is as general as possible.
    • Avoid putting code verbatim on the forum that can be used by other students to solve an exercise. This will put you at risk for an academic integrity violation.
    • Consider visiting Office Hours for help!
  • Label all questions based on content type.
    • Makes it easier to search for homework, exam, administrative issues, et cetera.

At any time, content can be removed from the forum by anyone on the course staff if it is found to be violation of these rules.